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The Optimiser tool in DigitalTrains™ enables users to optimise the performance of hydraulic devices, ensuring maximum crashworthiness with recoverable energy absorption. By minimizing damage to non-recoverable elements such as deformation tubes and crash boxes, costly structural damage to vehicles is avoided. This tool also helps reduce forces and accelerations during impacts, contributing to passenger safety.

Hydraulic device performance is influenced by the closure velocity of the device, which varies depending on the scenario. The Optimiser tool allows users to optimise the non-linear performance of hydraulic devices for specific situations, ensuring optimal functionality.

Users can choose to optimise all hydraulic devices on the train or select specific devices. The Optimiser enables users to minimise the force at a given speed or determine the maximum speed required to achieve a desired force. This versatility allows for precise fine-tuning of hydraulic device performance.

DigitalTrains™ ensures correlation between the Digital Twin and its final Physical Twin, facilitating cost-effective manufacturing and performance verification in an ISO17025 laboratory with simulation performance in accordance with the Rail Crashworthiness standard EN15227. By leveraging the Optimiser tool, users can enhance the safety and efficiency of their train designs, leading to more reliable and cost-effective rail systems.

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