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Extensive Libraries of Digital Twins for Enhanced Rail Design

DigitalTrains™ features a vast collection of devices that serve as Digital Twins, complete with 3D CAD models and dynamic performance characteristics. The energy absorption properties of their Physical Twins have been rigorously tested in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, with simulation performance adhering to the rail crashworthiness standard EN15227. This ensures a strong correlation between the Digital and Physical Twins for utmost reliability.

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In DigitalTrains™, numerous Devices function as Digital Twins that can be assembled to create the coupling interface, including the complete coupler assembly, side buffers, and anti-climbers. The coupling interface incorporates the relative geometric positioning with respect to the vehicle body structure, offering a detailed representation of the assembly.

Users can seamlessly download the entire coupling interface assembly as 3D CAD files and integrate them into their design environment. This integration facilitates fit and clearance checks at the vehicle body design stage, ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout the design process.

The Physical Twin can be obtained from manufactures, further supporting the benefits of the Digital Twins used in the rail design process.

Experience the power of easily assembling, modifying, optimising and virtually testing a railway with DigitalTrains™ Demonstrator.