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DigitalTrains™ features an extensive collection of energy-absorbing devices, which are a key part of a train’s crash energy management system. These devices are commonly found in coupling systems and include hydraulic buffers, mechanical springs, rubber and polymer springs, and deformation tubes. The software also offers comprehensive libraries of standard mechanical elements that form a coupler assembly, such as coupler heads, modular coupler shanks, pivots, anti-climbers, CAT A & C side buffers, crash buffers, draw gears, AAR 901 draft gears, and buffer stops.

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These library Devices are effective Digital Twins, with pre-defined geometric, physical, and dynamic performance characteristics, allowing for easy selection and assembly of coupling systems. If custom devices are required for specific applications, they can be conveniently configured. Standard devices can be downloaded as CAD files and exported to your design platform.

Energy-absorbing Devices, particularly hydraulic and deformation tubes, include dynamic characteristics tested in an ISO17025 laboratory with simulated performance in accordance with the crashworthiness standard EN15227. This ensures that they meet the necessary safety requirements for train crash energy management systems.

Experience the power of easily assembling, modifying, optimising and virtually testing a railway with DigitalTrains™ Demonstrator.