Create, Generate and Run

DigitalTrains™ Demonstrator is a free user licence which allows registered users to experience a railway digital twin environment. The user can easily and simply assemble and modify their Digital Railway from pre-existing digital twin assets in libraries that act as virtual stores. A range of virtual testing can be undertaken, the simulation results easily displayed and analysed using interactive graphs and 3D visualisations. A range of virtual test scenarios can be simulated, and the results compared and easily shared with colleagues. Demonstrating the intuitive and easy to use nature of DigitalTrains™, while in the background undertaking complex simulations that have correlations with real world testing.

Run your own simulations

  • Adjust speed, weight and brakes
  • Optimise coupler energy absorbtion
  • Run any train on each route
  • Crash any train into any buffer stop
  • Crash any Passenger Trains
  • Crash any Freight Trains

Interact with Example Simulations

  • 6 trains running on routes
  • 4 train to buffer stop impacts
  • 9 of train to train collisions
  • 3D visualisations and interactive graphs
  • Review component level simulation results
  • Compare train specification
  • Compare simulations

Library Models

  • 3 rail route profiles
    • Standard UIC “S” bend
    • Example with curves, elevations and CANT
    • Concept test track with irregularities
  • 6 passenger trains
    • 2 High Speed
    • 2 Main line
    • 2 Metro
  • 3 freight trains with Y25 bogies
    • Cat A side buffers & draw gear
    • AAR EOC draft gear
    • Example DAC coupler
  • 3 buffer stops
    • Friction shoes only
    • Friction shoe plus hydraulic buffers
    • Fixed Hydraulic Buffers

Modelling Details

  • Route profiles, curves, elevation and cant
  • Coupler heads, buffers, deformation tubes and pivots
  • Vehicle body dimensions
  • Bogie frames, axels, springs
  • Anti-climbers
  • Bogie and coupler and sub components
  • Buffer Stop, friction shoes buffers